Bay Ragni is a retired American professional wrestler and promoter. He is best known for his appearances with Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1995 to 1996 as a member of the Dudley family under the ring name Chubby Dudley.

Professional wrestling career

Independent circuit

Ragni trained in Philadelphia under the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance's Larry Winters and Jimmy Jannetty. He debuted in Eastern Championship Wrestling, the forerunner to Extreme Championship Wrestling, in the early 1990s as E.Z. Ryder, a Motorcycle|biker character. He went on to form a tag team known as The Hell Riders with partner H.D. Ryder. The duo could be seen regularly on early ECW TV broadcasts, usually going against The Super Destroyers.

Ragni left ECW in 1993 and briefly toured the Mid-Atlantic independent scene before landing in the Delaware-based East Coast Wrestling Association. During his stint, he wrestled against Cheetah Master and Boogie Woogie Brown before once again hitting the independent circuit.

Extreme Championship Wrestling

Ragni returned to Eastern Championship Wrestling, which had been renamed Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1994. In early 1995 he began appearing as Chubby Dudley, an obese, slobbish member of the Dudley family. Ragni rarely wrestled, but would accompany his storyline half-brothers to ringside, normally while holding a cake, Crunchberries or other snacks. If the other members of the Dudley family were incapacitated, Ragni would flee from ringside. He remained in ECW for two years before he was driven out by D-Von Dudley, who had declared war on his half-brothers for not being serious enough, and took a dim view of the comedic antics of Dudleys such as Chubby and Dances With Dudley.

Liberty All-Star Wrestling

Ragni began promoting in 1994, opening Liberty All-Star Wrestling (LAW) along with "Lucky" Larry Reed and Frank "Super Cody" Cody. LAW was based in Chester Heights, with a training academy, Liberty All-Star Wrestling Academy, in Lansdowne. Ragni acted as the commissioner of the promotion, occasionally refereed, and wrestled matches. The promotion closed in May 2002.

Following the closure of LAW, Ragni began working backstage with the American Wrestling Federation in New Jersey.

Personal life

Ragni is married to Jess, with three children.

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