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Chris Nelms is an American professional wrestler. Based out of Athens Georgia, initially trained by "Mean" Mike Stratus, frthured training under Terry & Steve Lawler. Additionally traveled with Luke Gallows. Nelms is a Georgia main-stay but often ventures across the southeastern U.S. and occasionally to the Mid-west. Often found with other members of the 6:05 Crew wreaking havoc across the south. In addition to being an accomplished in-ring performer, Nelms is often known for his time in the booking office of various promotions.

In wrestling

  • Entrance Music
  • "Hurt" by Johnny Cash
  • Nicknames
  • "Lonestar"
  • "Heeldaddy"
  • "The Man in Black"
  • "Johnny Cash of Pro Wrestling"
  • "The Last Real Heel"
  • Tiny Hughes
  • Ricki Lyn Nelms
  • Steve Stacker
  • KI Elite
  • 6:05 Crew

Championships and accomplishments

  • FWF Tag team (2-times)
  • FWF US champion (2-times)
  • GPXW tag team (3-times)
  • SCW tag team (1-time)
  • SCW Georgia Heritage Championship (1-time)
  • CWO tag team Championship (2-time)
  • CWO Mid GA Championship (1-time)
  • Main Event Pro Tag Team Championship(1-time)
  • OTWF Heavyweight Championship
  • OTWF Tag Team Championship (1-time)
  • MGW Heavyweight Championship (1-time)
  • SFCW Tag Team Championship (3-times)
  • SFCW Heavyweight Championship (1-time)
  • NGPW Heavyweight Championship (1-time)
  • GIWA Mid-State Championship (1-time)
  • AIWF America's Championship (1-time)
  • GIWA Heavyweight Championship (1-time)
  • NCW Tag Team Championship (1-time)
  • SVW Heavyweight Championship (1-time)
  • SVW Tag Team Championship (1-time)

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