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Chris Brookes is a English Professional wrestler. He is currently teaming with tag team partner Kid Lykos whom they have formed as CCK. (Calamari Catch Kings)

Career History

Brookes started his pro-wrestling career in a low-promotion federation named 'Wrestle Midlands' where he first faced Stevie Valentino in which he has lost. His first match teaming with partner Kid Lykos was in 2011 in which Brookes, Flash Morgan Webster and Lykos faced Kev Dunphy in a handicap match at ATTACK! Pro Wrestling.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishers and Signature Moves
  • Octopus Stretch, Yakuza Kick
  • Nicknames
  • Calamari Catch King
  • Tag Teams and Stables
  • CCK/Calamari Catch Kings (with Kid Lykos)

Championships and accomplishments

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