Chokebomb is a type of Powerbomb in professional wrestling.


Also known as a Sitout two handed chokeslam and a Choke driver. The most common move referred to as a Chokebomb sees an attacking wrestler grasps an opponent's neck with both hands and then lift them up into the air. From here the attacking wrestler would throw the opponent back down to the mat while falling to a seated position. This would see the opponent land in a position where their legs are wrapped around the wrestler with their back and shoulders on the mat. This allows the attacking wrestler to lean forward and place both his/her arms on the opponent for a pinfall attempt. Popularized by Albert / A-Train while working in the WWF/E, in which he called it the Baldo Bomb (while as Albert) and later the Derailer (while as A-Train) while holding the opponent on his gut before slamming him. Another version is used by The Boogeyman, where he falls forward instead of falling into a sitting position.

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