Alumni and roster and so forth categories here

Have done some major cleanup here involving the substitution of proper Alumni / Championships / Current rosters categories for those which were browse-dumped here, in interest of proper organization and cleanup of browse to a smaller more generalized group of topics.

I started off for the most part with categories I noticed duplication for, like those which had alumni/championships or alumni/rosters or so forth. I created categories named after the promotion (usually just under promotions category unless the nationality was obvious) to consolidate those.

Now we're basically left with 2 pages cluttered with stand-alone articles that mention various promotions. I would like to know the ideal way to deal with them. Should I make promotion-named categories for them, under the expectation that each promotion tends to hold multiple categories (if not current roster due to expiration, then always alumni, championships and events, or ACE trio we could say)? Or should I just dump them under their appropriate label (alumni, championships, events, current rosters) without creating a promotion-based heading?

I personally would love to create promotion based categories for everything because then we could easily tell which promotions we are lacking information on. Those that merely say 1 subcategory would be lacking, those with more would not be. Input? +Yc 08:12, July 15, 2013 (UTC)

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