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Capital One Arena, formerly known as MCI Center and Verizon Center, is a sports and entertainment arena in Washington, D.C., USA, named after telecommunications sponsor Verizon Communications, and has been nicknamed the "Phone Booth" because of its association with telecommunications companies. It is located in the Chinatown neighborhood of Washington and sits atop the Gallery Place-Chinatown station on the Washington Metro. The arena is home to the Washington Wizards of the NBA, Washington Capitals of the NHL, Georgetown University men's basketball, and Washington Mystics of the WNBA, and was formerly home to the Washington Power of the NLL from 2001–2002. It seats 20,278 for basketball and 18,398 for hockey. The arena is now owned by Monumental Sports & Entertainment, on land leased from the city of Washington. It was built with 100% private financing and originally owned by Abe Pollin from 1997-June 2010. Following Pollin's death in November 2009, on June 10, 2010, the Pollin family sold Verizon Center, the Wizards, and the Washington-Baltimore area Ticketmaster franchise to Ted Leonsis. Leonsis formed a new management company called Monumental Sports & Entertainment. The arena is largely considered a commercial and cultural success and is regarded as one of the driving catalyst's of the revitalization and gentrification of Washington's Chinatown neighborhood.


Date Event Attendance
December 28, 1997WCW Starrcade17,500
December 27, 1998WCW Starrcade16,066
December 19, 1999WCW Starrcade8,582
April 30, 2000Backlash17,867
December 17, 2000WCW Starrcade6,596
August 21, 2005SummerSlam18,156
October 28, 2007Cyber Sunday10,094
November 22, 2009Survivor Series12,500
June 19, 2011Capitol Punishment9,850
July 24, 2016Battleground15,109

Television Programs

Date Event
June 1, 1998WCW Nitro
June 14, 1999WCW Nitro
November 1, 1999RAW is WAR
November 6, 1999Jakked
October 2, 2000RAW is WAR
October 7, 2000Jakked
March 5, 2001RAW is WAR
March 8, 2001SmackDown
March 10, 2001Jakked
March 11, 2001Heat
August 2, 2001SmackDown
August 5, 2001Heat
January 3, 2002SmackDown
January 6, 2002Heat
February 3, 2003RAW
February 9, 2003Heat
September 22, 2003RAW
September 28, 2003Heat
January 29, 2004SmackDown
January 31, 2004Velocity
July 19, 2004RAW
July 25, 2004Heat
August 21, 2005Heat
February 27, 2006RAW
March 3, 2006SmackDown
August 15, 2006ECW
August 18, 2006SmackDown
December 18, 2006RAW
March 12, 2007RAW
March 16, 2007Heat
July 28, 2008RAW
August 2, 2008Saturday Night's Main Event
December 1, 2008RAW
December 2, 2008ECW
July 27, 2009RAW
July 30, 2009Superstars
September 6, 2010RAW
April 9, 2012RAW
December 31, 2012RAW
January 4, 2013Superstars
April 1, 2013RAW
April 3, 2013Main Event
April 5, 2013Superstars
April 5, 2013SmackDown
April 27, 2013Saturday Morning Slam
January 1, 2014Main Event
January 3, 2014SmackDown
March 31, 2014RAW
April 1, 2014Main Event
April 4, 2014Superstars
April 4, 2014SmackDown
June 23, 2014RAW
June 27, 2014Superstars
December 29, 2014RAW
January 1, 2015Superstars
March 3, 2015Main Event
March 5, 2015SmackDown
June 29, 2015RAW
July 2, 2015Superstars
December 29, 2015Main Event
December 31, 2015SmackDown
December 13, 2016SmackDown
December 14, 2016Tribute to the Troops
July 24, 2017RAW
July 26, 2017Main Event
January 23, 2018SmackDown
January 23, 2018205 Live
October 16, 2018SmackDown 1000
October 17, 2018205 Live
April 1, 2019RAW
April 3, 2019Main Event
October 2, 2019AEW Dynamite
March 9, 2020RAW
March 11, 2020Main Event

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