Cal Silva (Born Callam Staines) is an English professional Wrestler based in the West Midlands. He is usually seen competing for Pro Wrestling Live (PWL), Quality Wrestling Entertainment (QWE), Rebel Pro Wrestling (RPW) in England and Centro de Treinos Wrestling (CTW) in Lisbon, Portugal.

Training and Early Career (2013-2017)

Silva first began his training under Matt Powell (Mad Dog Maxx) at the Pro Wrestling Live training school in Darlaston, England. Silva also credits WOS legends Marty Jones and Bob “Blondie” Barratt amongst his trainers.

Originally Silva formed a Tag Team known as “The Chavs” with long time friend Danny Gold. The pair took on the character of young troublemaking teenagers. They functioned as a tag team from Mid 2014 all the way through to Early 2018. However, despite being the promotions longest running tag team they never successfully held the promotions tag team titles together.

It was during this time Silva became a 2 time PWL tag team champion, first with Hari Mahal and secondly with “Dangerous” Dave Pearson.

Solo Career (2017-Present)

In Mid 2017, Silva started to appear more often as a solo competitor, it was during this time he made debuts for QWE and CTW.

In QWE he has become the promotions Midland champion which he won against the promoter of the promotion. He has held the title consecutively since Mid 2017.

He has already been on tour in Portugal 3 times, most recently competing in a one-day tournament to crown the first ever European Champion. Silva won his first round match but lost in the final to his trainer Mad Dog Maxx in a match also featuring CTW head trainer and promoter Red Eagle.

In January 2018, Silva and Gold split up after a losing effort at finally gaining the PWL Tag Team Titles. This laid the foundations for Silva to return to the heel persona himself and Gold has abandoned in late 2017 and begin a feud with Gold.

In July 2018, Silva took part in a tournament to crown the inaugural PWL Black Country Champion. Defeating Mad Dog Maxx in the final to become the first Black Country Champion which he still holds.

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