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|September 15, 2014||[[September 15, 2014 Monday Night RAW results|RAW]]|| 20,273
|September 15, 2014||[[September 15, 2014 Monday Night RAW results|RAW]]|| 20,273
|June 11, 2015||[[June 11, 2015 Smackdown results|SmackDown]]||-

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The Cajundome is a 13,500 seat multi-purpose arena in Lafayette, Louisiana. It is home to the Louisiana's Ragin' Cajuns basketball teams of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, Lafayette IceGators of the Southern Professional Hockey League and the Louisiana high school basketball state championship.

The arena also hosts many regional concerts (seating for concerts 8,481 to 13,500) and special events, such as World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) events and the annual outdoor Cajun Heartland State Fair, an eleven day state fair that attracts over 175,000. The facility is a recognizable Lafayette landmark that was built by the State of Louisiana, funded by the City of Lafayette, and is owned by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and managed by the Cajundome Commission.

From the mid 1990s through the mid 2000s it was home to the ECHL's now-defunct Louisiana IceGators. During that time, the arena earned the nickname 'The Frozen Swamp'. In 2010 it became official that the Louisiana IceGators, now as part of the SPHL, would make a return to 'The Frozen Swamp'. It also hosted the 1998, 1999, and 2007 Sun Belt Conference men’s basketball tournaments. The Cajundome also hosts the annual Beta Club Louisiana state conventions.

Television Programs

Date Event Attendance
June 24, 1999Thunder 10,234
July 1, 1999Thunder 12,121
May 17, 2000Thunder 8,409
August 21, 2000RAW 7,345
January 22, 2001RAW 11.733
December 17, 2001RAW 12,097
October 3, 2002SmackDown 10,286
September 1, 2003RAW 5,397
January 22, 2007RAW 13,203
July 9, 2007RAW 12,983
March 17, 2008RAW 12,111
June 8, 2009RAW 9,209
February 8, 2010RAW 11,980
December 14, 2010NXT 10,897
December 17, 2010SmackDown 13,872
October 3, 2011RAW 12,922
November 26, 2012RAW 11,283
February 18, 2013RAW 11,982
April 11, 2014SmackDown 9,293
September 15, 2014RAW 20,273
June 11, 2015SmackDown-

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