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The CZW World Heavyweight Championship, is the top title contested for in the independent professional wrestling promotion Combat Zone Wrestling.

- It is not an officially recognized "World" Title, by PWI, which is generally considered the top authority for determining a championship's legitimacy as a world title.

Nick Gage would become the very first CZW Champion by winning an battle royal, involving numerous other contenders, on March 27, 1999, in Mantua, New Jersey.



The championship was created and debuted on March 27, 1999 at CZW's The Staple Gun event, where Nick Gage defeated 20 other men in a battle royal to become the first champion. The championship has been defended and lost in countries other than the United States multiple times. The first time it changed hands on foreign soil was on April 15, 2001, when Wifebeater defeated John Zandig for the championship in Birmingham, England at a live event. Even though the CZW World Heavyweight Championship is supposed to only be eligible to "heavyweights" (wrestlers who weigh more than 220 lbs. (100 kg), multiple lower-weight class wrestlers have held the championship.

Belt design

The championship's current design involves three metal plates positioned on a leather strap. The central plate has the word "World" at the top, while the word "Champion" at the bottom. There are two columns that are placed at each end of the plate. The CZW logo is engraved at the very center of the plate and a smaller version of the logo at the top of the plate above the word "World".

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