CHI Health Center Omaha fka CenturyLink Center is an arena and convention center facility in the North Downtown neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska. The 1.1 million ft² facility has an 18,300-seat arena, a 194,000-ft² exhibition hall and 62,000 ft² of meeting space.

The arena opened in 2003 as Qwest Center Omaha. It adopted its current name on July 15, 2011 as part of a $22 billion buyout of Qwest by CenturyLink (formerly CenturyTel). All signage, inside and outside, will be changed to conform to the new arena name; lighting will also be switched (from blue to green). The transition was expected to be completed by August 1, 2011. However, all the inside changes had been made, the outside name changes were finally completed on December 20, 2011.

The arena hosts various basketball games, hockey games, professional wrestling events and concerts. Another notable event held there is the annual shareholders meeting of Omaha-based conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway.

Previous names of the facility are "The Qwest", "The Riverfront Centre", "The Omaha Convention Center & Arena" or "The CLink".


Date Event Attendance
May 18, 2008Judgment Day11,324

Television Programs

Date Event
February 23, 2004RAW
February 29, 2004Heat
October 28, 2004SmackDown
October 30, 2004Velocity
May 16, 2005RAW
May 22, 2005Heat
March 27, 2006RAW
March 31, 2006Heat
February 6, 2007ECW
February 9, 2007SmackDown
October 22, 2007RAW
October 26, 2007Heat
January 16, 2009SmackDown
January 23, 2009SmackDown
May 30, 2011RAW
February 1, 2012NXT
February 2, 2012Superstars
February 3, 2012SmackDown
May 22, 2013Main Event
May 24, 2013SmackDown
February 3, 2014RAW
February 7, 2014Superstars
May 9, 2016RAW
May 12, 2016Superstars
September 4, 2017RAW
September 6, 2017Main Event
July 3, 2018SmackDown
July 3, 2018205 Live

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