Chikara's Tag World Grand Prix took place at the St. John's Auditorium in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The event took place on July 5, 2003. This was the first ever Tag World Grand Prix tournament.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.

  • Winners: The Nightshift defeated Team Midwest when Blind Rage via the Double Leg Lock Bridged Pin on Jimmy Jacobs. (8:07)
  • Winners: The Superfriends defeated Team Toryumon when Chris Hero hit the Hangman's Cluth on Arakencito. (15:15)
  • The rules for the SuperFriends vs Toryumon match were modified so that Arakencito only required a two count for a pinfall victory, while either Quackenbush or Hero had to pin Arakencito for a four count in order to get the victory.
  • This was declared legal due to the height difference between The SuperFriends and the shorter Arakencito.
  • Winners: Team FIST defeated The Conundrum when Gran Akuma hit the Flying Cross Body on Jigsaw. (9:28)
  • Winners: Ultrazero defeated Jolly Roger & American Gigolo when Mantis and ZERO hit a Bodyslam/American Crusher combination on Jolly Roger. (7:36)
  • Winners: Swiss Money Holding defeated Senior Assault Team when Ares hit a Spinebuster on Snodgrass. (0:22)
  • Melvin Snodgrass unfortunately suffered countless broken, brittle bones after receiving a spinebuster at the hands of Ares.
  • He was helped to the back by Lester Crabtree while young children in the audience told him to go back to the nursing home.
  • Winners: The Wild Cards dfeated Team Kiryoku Pro when Jack Marciano hit an inside cradle. (11:36)
  • Frustrated with the loss by her teammate, Mercedes Martinez powerbombed Sumie Sakai after the conclusion of their match with the Wild Cards, leaving her laying on her own.
  • Winners: The Night Shift defeated Team Fist when Hallowicked hit the Michinoku Driver on Icarus. (9:29)
  • Winners: This match ended in a time-limit draw. (30:00)
  • Winners: UltraZero defeated The Wild Cards when Mr. ZERO hit the Butterfly Suplex on Eddie Kingston. (12:31)
Tthe finals of this tournament did not take place until the next Chikara event at the St. John’s Auditorium on July 26, 2003.
  • The Night Shift of Hallowicked and Blind Rage defeated Ultramantis and Mister Zero (Ultra/ZERO) to win the first ever Tag World Grand Prix tournament.

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