The 2009 King of Trios tournament will take place over March 27, 28, and 29 at The Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This tournament will have 16 teams due to the financial troubles of last year (down from the 28 of last year).



  • Originally Iceberg was to appear as part of The Cold Front, he was not able to get to the show and was replaced by D-Lo Brown.

Tournament brackets

  Opening Rounds
March 27
Quarter Finals
March 28
March 29
March 29
1  The Cold Front Pin  
16  The UnStable  26:22   
     The UnStable Pin  
     Da Soul Touchaz 8:40  
8  Da Soul Touchaz Pin
9  Team CZW  14:56   
     The UnStable Pin  
     Team Uppercut  
5  Incoherence Pin  
12  The Masters of a Thousand Holds

     The Masters of a Thousand Holds

     Team Uppercut  33:35   
4  The Roughnecks Sub
13  Team Uppercut  20:38   
     Team Uppercut Sub
     Team F.I.S.T.
6  Team DDT Sub  
11  The Future is Now  19:39   
     The Future is Now Pin
     The Osirian Portal  17:53   
3  The Osirian Portal Pin
14  Team PWG  16:29   
     The Future is Now Pin
     Team F.I.S.T.  
7  The Death Match Kings

10  Team F.I.S.T.  12:01   
     Team F.I.S.T. Pin
     The F1RST Family  15:03   
2  The F1RST Family Pin
15  Team EPIC WAR  11:43   

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