César Curiel (October 12, 1949) is a retired Mexican Luchador or professional wrestler who was active in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Curiel has three sons who are currently wrestling, Neutron, Steel Man and Cat Man. Early in Curiel's career, on December 25, 1979, he was involved in the death of wrestler José Vincent Ramos Estrada, known to the wrestling world under the ring name Sangre India. Curiel was teaming with El Vengador while Sangre India was teaming with Leo Lopez. During the match Curiel executed a drop kick, a move that supposed to knocked Sangre India out of the ring to the floor. During the fall to the floor Estrada's head and neck struck the apron before he tumbled uncontrollably to the ground. Estrada died shortly after the fall. Subsequently, Lucha magazines ran a storyline that claimed that "it was dangerous to wrestle César Curiel", even though he was not at fault at all. In subsequent years magazines stopped claiming that Curiel was in any way responsible for the death. It took a couple of years after the death for Curiel to truly shake the image of being "the most dangerous luchador". On April 2, 1982 Curiel defeated El Faraón to win the NWA World Middleweight Championship. Curiel's reign with the title lasted until October 25, 1982 when he lost the title to El Satánico. In the mid-1980s Curiel began wrestling as the enmascarado (masked) character Quazar until June 24, 1988 when he lost a Lucha de Apuesta (bet match) to Mogur and had to unmask.

Championships and accomplishments

Lucha de Apuesta record

Wager Winner Loser Location Date Notes
Hair Vick Amezcua César Curiel Mexico City, Mexico Unknown  
Hair Calavera I César Curiel Guadalajara, Jalisco Unknown  
Hair César Curiel Pirata Morgan Mexico City, Mexico 01980-08-31August 31, 1980  
Mask/Hair El Fantasma and César Curiel Rey Salomón and Índio Jerónimo Unknown 01982-03-12March 12, 1982  
Hair Ringo Mendoza, César Curiel and Rey Salomón Tony Benetto, Herodes and Adorable Rubí Mexico City, Mexico 01982-12-10December 10, 1982  
Hair Pirata Morgan César Curiel Mexico City, Mexico 01983-04-24April 24, 1983  
Hair Enfermero, Jr. César Curiel Mexico City, Mexico 01983-12-09December 9, 1983
Mask Mogur Quasar Mexico City, Mexico 01988-06-24June 24, 1988
Hair Remo Banda César Curiel Mexico City, Mexico 01990-04-01April 1, 1990

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