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Buck Hawke (September 8, 1988) is a Canadian professional wrestler.



2006: Following impressive performances as a member of the International Wrestling Syndicate's SLI-USA, Hawke debuted in CHIKARA for a one-time shot as a hired gun of Shane Matthews to wrestle Twiggy. Despite Matthews’ interference, he failed to defeat the Canadian rocker.

2007: Hawke returned in March as a lone wolf in the singles division, and almost immediately made an impact at the Young Lions Cup a few months later by goading the well-mannered Billy Roc into behaving in a most unsportsmanlike way. He picked up big singles wins over Roc, Tim Donst and Jigsaw and also scored the pin in a big trios match on CHIKARA's CT debut show, leading his team with 2.0 to victory over Jigsaw, Mike Quackenbush and Shane Storm. He went on to align with the Kings of Wrestling after Mitch Ryder helped him defeat Lince Dorado, and he remained with Ryder after the stable ended. At the end of the year he also formed the one-time-only trio with the Osirian Portal, known as “Hawke Like an Egyptian”.

2008: In 2008 Hawke formed a regular trio known as the Fabulous Three with Ryder and Larry Sweeney, with Hawke essentially becoming mini-Mitch, dressing and acting in a similar manner, and often hugging Ryder and acting like a small child. Shockingly, this proved to be a winning formula, as Ryder and Hawke gained the 3 points required for a shot at Los Campeonatos. He would change his name to Buck Hawke around this time to further his transformation into Mitch's running buddy. After kicking Sweeney out of the stable and feuding with Claudio Castagnoli for the latter half of the year, Sweeney rejoined Hawke and Ryder by turning on Claudio during a tag match and assaulting him with a set of brass knucks.

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  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Tomahawke
  • Tomahawke II
  • Swanton & Gamorrah
  • Enzuiguiri
  • Tribute to Professionalism/Shannattack
  • 205 Bus Route
  • Nicknames
  • "Superstar"
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