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Bruno Elrington was a British professional wrestler who was a large part of the Southern Wrestling scene in the UK. A Yorkshire man by Birth but always known as a Portsmouth man - where he ran a gym and trained and trained with wrestlers like Johnny and Peter Wilson, Bronco Welles and John Kowalski - Elrington served with the British Army and was a boxing champion within the forces. At a height of 6 foot and five inches and weighting around 230 lbs he was an intimidating and imposing figure in the ring but his size and weight disguised a swift and agile performer. There too were few observers who were critical of his in ring abilities and Elrington could and often did out-wrestle whoever he faced but despite his considerable technical skill he did have a tendency to resort to breaking the rules when things went against him and thus he split fans between those who admired his technical skill and those who jeered him for his cheating ways. But whether he was playing the heel or not he always had time for the fans and they in turn always recognized him as a warm hearted and generous man and retained an affection for him even when he was at his most villainous. While his successes in titles were limited to one Royal Alert Hall Tournament Trophy win and one Southern England Title he was widely regarded as one of the finest big men in British Wrestling and a match with Elrington could make or break anyone.

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Championships and Accomplishments

  • Royal Albert Hall Tournament Trophy winner - defeating Tibor Szakacs (1969)
  • Southern England Championship

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