The Bruise Brothers were a professional wrestling tag team composed of Porkchop Cash, Dream Machine and later Mad Dog Boyd.


The Bruise Brothers were a Jimmy Hart creation, and one of 3 tag teams along with The Grapplers and The Assassins in 1982 incarnation of The First Family. The Bruise Brothers feuded with The Rock 'n' Roll Express and the Fabulous Ones winning the Southern tag team titles from both teams.

At one stage Jimmy Hart claimed his team had "passed away" and showed a mock funeral for the Bruise brothers. A hushed TV studio was soon up in arms as the Bruise Brothers strode onto the set.

The Bruise Brothers were set to appear in the Mid-South territory, but Dream Machine was injured and replaced with Mad Dog Boyd, who stayed with the team until it disbanded in 1985 in the Mid-South.

The Dream Machine passed away in March 7, 2002 at age 52. Porkchop Cash still makes public appearances and occasionally wrestles as of 2019 and Mad Dog Boyd has retired from all public appearances.

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