Brazilian Wrestling Federation(BWF) is a Brazilian pro-wrestling association. BWF has a biweekly show called BWF In House, which is divided into three parts and is broadcasted weekly on television and on their YouTube channel. BWF narrators are Renato Dias and Marcos Amaral.


BWF was founded in 2002 by Bob Junior, in order to rescue the professional wrestling in Brazil. The first televised match was made in 2009, and in 2012 BWF Telecatch started to be broadcasted by NET Cidade, on channel 20 of NET Serviços de Comunicação.

Since 2012, BWF is one of the stages of Torneio Sul-Americano de Luta-Livre, and in its first year brought wrestlers like Super Crazy and Zumbi.

In 2013, BWF announced the participation of stars like KENTA and Eddie Edwards and other international wrestlers in the Torneio Latino Americano de Luta Livre.

At Anime Friends 2017, Bob Junior made a big announcement, the realization of a show in partnership with WSW (World Stars of Wrestling). The show happened in October, 28th on Osasco, and had the participation of Juventud Guerrera, Chris Masters, and Carlyto, who fought Rurik Jr at the main event. Rey Mysterio was announced to participate in the event, but due to problems with airlines, he could not show up at the event.


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