Brad Slayer (July 21, 1989) is a British professional wrestler. He is one half of the tag team Special Edition with Kip Sabin. This entertaining up and coming high flyer is one of the most popular starts on the WAW roster. Originally from Portsmouth Slayer came to WAW in 2010 and quickly established a tag team with Kip Sabin.

As a singles wrestler Brad is also gifted with a well rounded style incorporating technical mat based wresting with high risk flying maneuvers. This must have been one of the considerations when the WAW CC included Brad in the Golden Road League for the RQW European Cruiserweight Championship.

Wrestling facts

  • Signature moves
  • Gutbuster
  • Float over back-cracker
  • Tag teams

Championships and accomplishments

  • Golden Road Entrant
  • British Tag Team Championship (with Kip Sabin)

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