Boiler Room Brawl

Mankind and Undertaker, facing off in the first ever Boiler Room Brawl.

The winner is the first man to escape the boiler room. Any weapons found in the room can be used. During Jerry Flynn's stint in World Championship Wrestling, this match was known as "The Block". This match has come to be known as one of Mick Foley's specialty matches.

The Boiler Room Brawl is almost non-existent in today's WWE. However, prior to the "Attitude" era, which introduced much more ringside weapons into matches, the Boiler Room Brawl was used as a way to get such items as ladders and steel pipes into matches. As the name suggests, the Boiler Room Brawl takes place inside an arena boiler room. The winner is usually the first Superstar to escape the room.

History of the Boiler Room Brawl match

No. Match Event, date and location
I Mankind defeated The Undertaker SummerSlam 1996, August 17, 1996, Cleveland, Ohio
II Mankind defeated The Big Show In Your House 28: Backlash, April 25, 1999, Providence, Rhode Island
III Triple H defeated Mankind WWE Friday Night SmackDown!, September 23, 1999
IV Jerry Flynn defeated The Barbarian WCW Monday Nitro, November 15, 1999, Little Rock, Arkansas
V Jerry Flynn vs. The Wall ended in a No-Contest when Berlyn interfered WCW Monday Nitro, November 29, 1999, Denver, Colorado
VI Triple H as "Santa Claus" defeated Mankind after interference from The Mean Street Posse and The New Age Outlaws who were all dressed as Santa WWE Raw, December 20, 1999


  • Mankind apperared in every Boiler Room Brawl match under the WWE banner while Jerry  Lynn appeared in both said matches in WCW.

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