Blue Demon contra las Diabólicas is a movie based on Lucha libre or starring a luchador. It was released in 1966 or April 26, 1968. It stars Blue Demon.


  • David Reynoso
  • Ana Martín
  • Carlos Agostí
  • Barbara Angely
  • Carlos Cardán
  • Jorge Casanova
  • Gloria Chávez
  • Martha Cisneros
  • Blue Demon as Blue Demon
  • Linda Fenger
  • Cesar Gay
  • Óscar Grijalba
  • Guillermo Gálvez
  • Leonor Gómez
  • Guillermo Hernández


Blue Demon must catch a gang of crooks. He must also contend with a murderer who wears a Blue Demon costume when he attacks women.

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