• Multimoog

    There's no denying that some strategic ink can put a nice finish of menace on a guy who's already 6'4 and weighs 300 pounds, even if he is standing there wearing a neon pink and green Speedo and covered in pan-fry oil. But then again, tattoos are just as easy to mess up, causing the wearer to betray his trailer-park upbringing. Here's what happens when wrestling tattoos go wrong. If there's any you think are better/worse, please leave a comment!

    Mr. Kennedy

    As far as we know, this is the only Kennedy with a clown tattoo. It's possible one day we'll find some leaked White House documents that show JFK had a back full of clown gang (or "posse") insignia, and that his assassination was really the result of a rival circus troupe's hit. Until th…

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