Blake and Murphy (also known as Team Thick and BAMF) was a tag team competing on WWE NXT, consisting of Blake, Murphy and their valet Alexa Bliss.


In August 2014, Wesley Blake abandoned the cowboy character and formed a tag-team with Buddy Murphy. On the August 14 episode of NXT, Blake and Murphy were defeated in the first round of a number one contender tag team tournament by The Lucha Dragons. For the rest of 2014, Blake and Murphy lost multiple matches to teams such as The Lucha Dragons and The Vaudevillains. Blake and Murphy were once referred to as Team Thick in October, but that name was dropped in later episodes. Also in October 2014, Blake and Murphy were involved in a tag-team battle royal to determine the number one contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championship; they were eliminated from the match by The Ascension.

On the January 21, 2015 episode of NXT, Blake and Murphy scored their first-ever televised victory by defeating The Vaudevillains. This led to a title match on the January 28, 2015 episode of NXT (taped on January 15) where Blake and Murphy defeated champions The Lucha Dragons to win the NXT Tag Team Championship.

At a January 31 NXT house show, Blake and Murphy were billed without their first names. This name change translated to television at NXT TakeOver: Rival, where Blake and Murphy defeated The Lucha Dragons in a rematch for the title. Following that, Blake and Murphy started a feud with The Realest Guys, who were intent on capturing the tag titles.

In March, Amore and Cassady began a rivalry with the NXT Tag Team Champions Blake and Murphy, while Blake and Murphy attempted to woo Carmella on several occasions. On the May 13 episode of NXT, Blake and Murphy distracted Carmella during her match with Alexa Bliss, causing her to lose. At NXT TakeOver: Unstoppable, during Amore and Cassady's NXT Tag Team Championship match against Blake and Murphy, Alexa Bliss would come out mid-match and attack Carmella and Amore, ensuring the win for Blake and Murphy.

In wrestling

  • Double team finishing moves
    • Murphy's Law (Murphy) followed by a frog splash (Blake)
  • Blake's finishing moves
    • Frog splash
  • Murphy's finishing moves
    • Murphy's Law (Running brainbuster)
  • Entrance themes
    • "Action Packed" by Kosinus (December 1, 2014 – 2015)
    • "Opposite Ends of the World" by CFO$ (2015–2016)

Championships and accomplishments

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