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The Bingo Enforcement Agency was a heel professional wrestling stable in 302 Pro Wrestling, consisting of Sonny Deeds, Marcus Waters, Travis Banks and manager Billy Bingo.


302 Pro Wrestling (2016-present)

The BEA debuted in 302 Pro Wrestling in February 2016, involving themselves in a match between Banks and former partner Joe Kerr.

At Madness-n-March 2016, following a loss by the Hot Lanta Hustlers, Bingo would "fire" longtime member Muddy Waters, ordering the other members to assault him. On April 2, the BEA introduced new members Sinister X and Rockin Rebel.

Bingo would later sign Funky White Boy to the BEA, thus forming the team of Funk'n Dirty. Funk'n Dirty would go on to win the 302 Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship on one occasion. At After Shock 2017, Funk'n Dirty would turn on Bingo, turning face in the process and banishing Bingo from 302 Pro Wrestling.

In wrestling

  • Deeds's finishing moves
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