Big Apple Take Down is a 2006 fictional WWE Novel that takes place in New York City. It was written by Rudy Josephs. This is the second WWE fiction novel. The first is Journey into Darkness.


The story begins in December 2001. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon meets with old aide Phil Thomson, a government official. Thomson proposes to Vince the creation of a covert group consisting of McMahon's most refined wrestlers, knowing their exaggerated, constantly touring lifestyle will provide excellent cover. Vince accepts the deal, and recruits John Cena, Triple H, Dave Batista, Chavo Guerrero, Torrie Wilson, and finally himself as leader.

In March 2006, the team have by now formed a tight unit, and they are given their latest assignment, to break into a methyl-amphetamine development lab that is financially supporting terrorists in the European regions, when one of their own is taken prisoner, the wrestlers must stage a rescue which could endanger their careers and their lives.

Continuity problems

There are continuity problems with the book's timeline and what happened in real life. The prologue starts in December 2001, with Triple H wrestling Stone Cold Steve Austin Then Chapter 1 starts two years later meaning 2003 or early 2004. In Chapter 6, the story mentions Chavo Guerrero's uncle Eddie's Memorial and how Batista said good things about him. This is a timeline error as Eddie died in late 2005. The characters are therefore referring to an event that takes place over a year in the future.

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