B.A.E, an abbreviation of Best At Everything, was a villainous tag team on NXT. The team consisted of Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch who are currently on the Main Roster of Raw and SmackDown Live respectably


Formation & Split (2014-2015)

After the debut of Carmella, a backstage segment which includes Sasha Banks and Becky Lynch is shown. Becky tells Sasha that what she did to Bayley was "disgusting". Sasha tells Becky to ask herself what she needs to do to make it to the top. The following week, Sasha faced Bayley in a match. After the match, Sasha deliberately attacks Bayley which causes Becky to run out and rescue Bayley. Bayley watches Sasha walk up the ramp. With Bayley's back turned, Becky attacks a distracted Bayley aligning herself with Banks. A couple weeks later, the pair defeat Bayley and Charlotte (Sasha's rival) quickly running up the ramp as the opponents look on. The next week, Banks faced Alexa Bliss with Lynch at ringside. After the match, Sasha cuts a promo with Becky by her side. On the January 21, 2015 edition of NXT, Banks would face off against Charlotte for the NXT Women's Championship, which she lost after Becky Lynch attacked Charlotte, causing a disqualification. This would tease dissension between Banks and Lynch. The dissension finally occurred at NXT Takeover: Rival during a Fatal Four Way Match for the NXT Women's Championship, which involved Banks, Lynch, Bayley and Charlotte. Banks would go on to win the title at the event. The following month at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable, Becky and Sasha faced off for the NXT Women's Championship, in which Banks defeated Lynch to retain the title.

On August 22 2015, after Banks lost the NXT Women's Championship to Bayley at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn. Lynch and Charlotte came out to congratulate them both and the four women celebrated in the ring by holding four fingers up to the audience naming themselves The Four Horsewomen of NXT.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Becky Lynch
    • Top Rope Legdrop
    • T-Bone Suplex
    • Springboard Push Kick
    • Arm Bars
    • Fisherman's Neckbreaker

Championships and accomplishments

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