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The Bell Centre (French: Centre Bell), formerly known as the Molson Centre (French: Centre Molson), is a sports and entertainment complex in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It has been the home of the National Hockey League's Montreal Canadiens hockey team since March 16, 1996. The team departed from the historic Montreal Forum after their last game on March 11 of the same year. Construction began on the site on June 22, 1993, 13 days after the Canadiens defeated the Los Angeles Kings at the Forum for their 24th and most recent Stanley Cup. The name of the arena initially reflected Molson, Inc., a brewing company which was owner of the Canadiens at the time. Some members of Montreal sports media, namely Jack Todd, pushed for the nickname "The Keg" as fitting for the new arena but it was never widely adopted. Molson elected not to keep the naming rights when they sold the team and the name was officially changed on September 1, 2002, after Bell Canada acquired the naming rights.

Since it opened in 1996, it has consistently been listed as one of the world's busiest arenas, usually receiving the highest attendance of any arena in Canada. In 2008, it was the 6th busiest arena in the world based on ticket sales for non-sporting events.

The Bell Centre is currently owned by a partnership group headed by Geoff Molson and his brothers, Andrew and Justin. The group also owns the Montreal Canadiens.

In 2008, Céline Dion held 6 soldout concerts in a row (15th, 16th, 19th, 20th, 23th and 25 August) on her Taking Chances World Tour, selling 167,957 tickets and grossing $23,135,338.


Date Event Attendance
November 9, 1997 Survivor Series 20,593
February 23, 2003 No Way Out 15,100
September 13, 2009 Breaking Point 12,000

Television Programs

Date Event
October 18, 2001 SmackDown
March 18, 2002 RAW
March 23, 2002 Jakked
May 16, 2002 SmackDown
May 18, 2002 Jakked
October 14, 2002 RAW
February 23, 2003 Heat
July 7, 2003 RAW
July 13, 2003 Heat
May 31, 2004 RAW
January 20, 2005 SmackDown
January 22, 2005 Velocity
August 15, 2005 RAW
September 18, 2006 RAW
September 22, 2006 SmackDown
September 10, 2012 RAW
July 7, 2014 RAW
July 10, 2014 Superstars
May 4, 2015 RAW
May 7, 2015 Superstars
April 30, 2018 RAW
May 1, 2018 SmackDown Live
May 1, 2018 205 Live
May 2, 2018 Main Event
April 15, 2019 RAW
April 16, 2019 SmackDown Live
April 16, 2019 205 Live
April 17, 2019 Main Event

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