Beefy L'Ox.jpg
Beefy L'Ox
Type Collegiate Beef cake, rouge-style.
Height 333,33 meters
Weight 3 metric tons
Attacks Secret Nunchaku in is Horns
Allies Cycloptopuss
Enemies Dr. Cube
Mung Wun
Mota Naru
First appearance
Created by Jonathan Holmes
Portrayed by: Jonathan Holmes, others

Beefy L'Ox is a former member of Kaiju Big Battel. He was killed by Slo Feng.


SecretIn France Growing Up Lucien Pasteur has a string bean physique,he was not good with the girls,and lost many school yard fights which led him to take up martial arts and having a personally dream of being "le Beefcake".He dabbed with steroids and bought a bowflex not being satisfied.With his desire to get strength and size, he started to take bovine growth hormones (BGH) and drinkings lots of whole milk.One night in the ban after doing 300 ab-crunches he over-dosed on mixture of boxed wine (vin d'un rectangle), unpasteurized milk fresh from Mireille's udder.and a mega dose of BGH .The bizarre mixture caused a bio-chemical reaction,first splicing,then fusing his genes with a cow.This bizarre accident gave him the ripped abs and pecs he always wanted.with the mentality of a college boy and the intelligence of a cow, beefy is the buffed cow you see today.This is the Second Kill of Slo feng,you see before April 2003's event "Ballroom blitz" there was a KIT tournament,the Kaiju international tournament to see which 2 tag teams would face each other at this event.During the announcements of the battel line up these winners of these matches were announced.Monsters batteled opponents after victories in different areas of the world.Sadly Slo feng killed Beefy L'ox with ease in a fast defeat.

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