Beautiful Bosses

Beautiful Bosses was a faction idea that WWE were going to use on their development territory Florida Championship Wrestling.Celeste Bonin revealled this in an interview.

The team was to consist of Naomi, Cameron and Kaitlyn. In the interview Celeste revealled that after her win on NXT she would be pushed on to the main roster not having time for the faction to develop feuds and storylines.


A taping was filmed of the three taking on Aksana and A.J Lee in a handicap match. Due to a delay the taping couldn't be aired. The match was filmed again and was also unaired due to a delay. Celeste Bonin went on to win NXT Season 3 and was planned to feature more on main roster shows. In the end the team was left as Cameron and Naomi whose team was renamed to Booty Poppin Dance Group.


  • The three teamed together in 2013 facing A.J Lee, Nikki Bella and Brie Bella
  • In 2011 Naomi and Cameron (as the Booty Poppin Dance Group) defeated Kaitlyn and Caylee Turner.
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