The duo called BateMax (pronounced with three sylabbles like "betamax") was formed on NXT's latest season, NXT Redemption. It is formed of returning rookie Derrick Bateman and his girlfriend (now fiancée) Maxine.


Bateman was formerly mentored by Daniel Bryan and Maxine was mentored by Alicia Fox.


The pair feuded for a long time with Hornswoggle (whom Maxine had furiously made out with on Season 3), his friend AJ and his rookie Titus O'Neil. Hornswoggle later left for Smackdown, the final pro to leave. Bateman and Maxine would constantly kiss, and when he proposed marriage to Maxine, she at first slapped him, but then appeared to accept.

The couple have competed as a mixed tag team against other opponents (like Titus and AJ).

On the October 26 edition of NXT Redemption, after winning a match against Titus O'Neil, Bateman proposed to Maxine. She slapped him, leading to a kiss and hug meaning she accepts the proposal.

On the December 7 edition of NXT Redemption, Batemen turned faceonce again after Maxine broke up with him .


Their relationship became complicated by the introduction of Johnny Curtis who had dated Maxine once prior. Curtis paid JTG to lie to Derrick and say that he saw Curtis taking her home.

Responding to a tweet, Derrick Bateman admitted that he did not hold Maxine's past with Hornswoggle against her.

Bateman then beat Curtis in two matches, but on the December 28 edition of NXT, Maxine would turn on Bateman, kissing Curtis and leaving with him. On the 100th episode of NXT, during Maxine and Johnny Curtis' wedding ceremony, Bateman came out and showed a security camera video clip in his locker room when Johnny Curtis stole Bateman's iPad and sent an e-mail to Theodore Long about getting rid of Maxine and going to SmackDown. After watching the clip, Maxine reunited with Bateman. On March 2, moved Derrick Bateman to the SmackDown brand, along with fellow NXT rookie Darren Young and NXT alumnus Percy Watson.


On the March 7 episode of NXT Redemption, Bateman was backstage with Johnny Curtis and Maxine, who revealed to Bateman that they are no longer dating after Kaitlyn confessed her love for Bateman by kissing him the week before. On March 14 edition of NXT Redemption Bateman and Kaitlyn defeated Johnny Curtis and Maxine and after the match Bateman would confess his love for Kaitlyn and kisses her, thus solidifying their relationship.

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