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Bash at the Beach was a yearly pay-per-view event produced World Championship Wrestling (WCW). It was the company's PPV for the month of July, held from 1994 to 2000. The show centred around a beach theme, with the set around the entrance area for the wrestlers decorated with such things as surfboards and sand. The theme for the show seemed appropriate for an event scheduled during the hot summer month of July. The beach/"fun in the sun" theme was also reflected in the places where WCW chose to hold the event; all of the shows emanated from cities in either Florida or California, two U.S. states renowned for their warm weather. It was WCW's response to WWF's SummerSlam. In 1992 and 1993, WCW held a beach-themed pay-per-view show known as Beach Blast, which was the forerunner to Bash at the Beach. However, the 1992 show was held in June, as the company elected instead to reserve July for its flagship summertime extravaganza, The Great American Bash.

Bash at the Beach dates and venues

Event Date City Venue
Beach Blast 1992 June 20, 1992 Mobile, Alabama Mobile Civic Center
Beach Blast 1993 July 18, 1993 Biloxi, Mississippi Gulf Coast Coliseum
Bash at the Beach 1994 July 17, 1994 Orlando, Florida Orlando Arena
Bash at the Beach 1995 July 16, 1995 Huntington Beach, California The Beach
Bash at the Beach 1996 July 7, 1996 Daytona Beach, Florida Ocean Center
Bash at the Beach 1997 July 13, 1997 Daytona Beach, Florida Ocean Center
Bash at the Beach 1998 July 12, 1998 San Diego, California Cox Arena
Bash at the Beach 1999 July 11, 1999 Fort Lauderdale, Florida National Car Rental Center
Bash at the Beach 2000 July 9, 2000 Daytona Beach, Florida Ocean Center


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