Ballet Buffoons is the 25th episode of Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling


We begin with Nikolai Volkoff and The Iron Sheik driving to a ballet studio. It is then revealed that Nickolai’s sister, Natasha Volkoff is performing with a production company from Russia. When the two arrive at Natasha’s dressing room they discover the latter in a wheelchair with a broken leg. Natasha tells her brother that if a replacement is not found in time for that night’s performance, the show will be cancelled. This prompts Nikolai to go look for one.

First he and the Sheik look up a local ballet school, only to discover that it’s for children and not adults. Not wanting to break his sister’s heart, Nikolai tells Natasha that he and the Sheik have found “a great ballerina” who will be there “before the curtain rises.” The Sheik scolds Volkoff for his dishonesty, but Volkoff is ever insistent on pleasing his sister.

The two then try to turn The Fabulous Moolah into a ballerina, despite her not being the dancing type. The lessons naturally end in failure, with Moolah yelling at them to “get yourselves another ballerina!”

Performance night arrives, and despite having no one, Nikolai continues to keep up the lie and claims that the replacement was getting ready as they spoke. The Sheik wonders what Volkoff’s going to do about their lack of a dancer, but Volkoff seems very sure of himself.

The show begins and the replacement dancer ends up being Volkoff himself, much to the shock of everyone including Mean Gene Okerlund. After his destructive performance, Volkoff appears to have ruined everything to the point of “disgracing Mother Russia” and nearly being sent to Siberia. However, the crowd loved it and everyone including the Sheik takes a bow.

Live Action Scenes

Captain Lou Albano takes Mean Gene Okerlund and Tito Santana to a nice restaurant.  While the latter two order richer things, Capt. Lou (who’s on a diet) orders a tuna salad sandwich.  Tito and Gene congratulate Lou for his healthy option, only to be shocked when the sandwich has an entire tuna fish in it.


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