BL 2016 Orton v Bray

Bray Wyatt casts a long, ominous shadow wherever he goes, but at WWE Backlash, The New Face of Fear confronts an Apex Predator who knows no fear: Randy Orton.

Wyatt laid out his wicked challenge to The Viper on the Aug. 30 edition of SmackDown Live, saying he's the predator now. As quickly as Orton accepted the dangerous invitation, however, Wyatt reinforced his mystical reputation, seemingly vanishing into thin air after the arena went dark.

The mind games are part of a war that Wyatt has waged against Orton since just after SummerSlam. The New Face of Fear has targeted Orton in his cryptic sermons, denouncing The Apex Predator for being merely a man, a mortal soul that can feel pain and suffering.

Unlike The Eater of Worlds, Orton has never claimed omnipotence, but his renowned mean streak perhaps even rivals Wyatt's. On top of that, Orton is equipped with arguably WWE's most debilitating weapon, the RKO, not to mention the bad mood that comes from having one's head split open by Brock Lesnar. Orton is spoiling for a fight, and Wyatt's challenge gives him just that opportunity.

Will Bray Wyatt make a sacrifice of The Viper at WWE Backlash? Or, can Randy Orton repel The Eater of Worlds’ devilish overtures with an explosive RKO?

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