Baby Devine, based in Sydney, Australia made her wrestling debut in the Australian Independent Wrestling circuit threw the AWF Australasian Wrestling Federation on May 22, 2010 defeating Mighty Mel by swinging a fierce "Devine Intervention" (Boston Crab) almost breaking Mel's back.
She has ongoing feuds with other female wrestlers in AWF including Bombshell Bo and Selene.
Baby Devine also wrestled for All Action Wrestling in 2010 based in Perth, Australia.


She has been a part of Supanova Pop Culture Festival over 2010 and 2011 in Sydney and Melbourne with AWF Wrestling.

In March 2011, Devine signed with a new all women's promotion Ladies of Australian Wrestling (LAW).

In July 2011 she made her QLD Debut for PROWL Wrestling and Showtime Wrestling Alliance (SWA) in Newcastle, NSW.

In wrestling

Finishers and signature moves

  • Devine Intervention Boston Crab
  • Baby Bomb Sunset Powerbomb
  • Handspring Elbow
  • The Devine View Corner Foot Choke

Championships and accomplishments

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