Tony Drake (June 16, 1978) is an American professional wrestler who most previously wrestled for Wrestling Society X. He competes on the independent circuit using the ring name Babi Slymm, the name under which he has established himself in the wrestling business, and he also wrestles sometimes in Dragon Gate as a member of the Muscle Outlaw'z faction under the name Cyber Gang.


A defensive tackle and competitor in discus and track at high school, Drake began to train as a wrestler at the invitation of a friend operating a small Californian wrestling promotion in Oakland. Drake has competed for numerous organisations in the California area including XPW (under the name Saleem Jihad), UPW, NWA Pro and Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. Drake has received his greatest exposure recently competing for MTV's Wrestling Society X, in which he has formed a team with Ruckus named Keepin' It Gangsta.

In 2005 Drake was featured in 101 Reasons Not To Be A Pro Wrestler, a documentary by Michael Moody released by [Hollymood Entertainment featuring shoot comments from a variety of wrestlers. After the documentary's release footage was released on YouTube by a Hollymood Entertainment employee showing Drake confronting and apparently punching Moody over differences in opinion over the film's final presentation.

On January 26, 2007 Drake officially joined Naruki Doi's Muscle Outlaw'z faction in the Japanese Dragon Gate promotion, beginning a new era in his career. Using the name Muscle Gang (a reference to his gangsta image), he became part of a tag-team with fellow faction member Cyber Kong. The Ultimate Cybers team would not last a very long time, for Kong would end up leaving Muscle Outlaw'z to become part of New Hazard.

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