Augusta (also known as Augusta–Richmond County) is a consolidated city in the U.S. state of Georgia, located at the fall line of the Savannah River, at the head of its navigable portion. As of the 2010 census, the Augusta–Richmond County population was 195,844 not counting the unconsolidated cities of Hephzibah and Blythe.




Augusta Independent Promotions

  • Flatline Championship Wrestling - Grovetown (Defunct)
  • Adrenaline Wrestling Foundation - Harlem (Defunct)
  • Throne Wrestling Federation - Warrenville, SC (Defunct)
  • Wrestling For Jesus - Langley, SC (Defunct)
  • Augusta Wrestling Alliance - Augusta (Defunct)
  • Wreal Xtreme Championship Wrestling - Millen/Grovetown (Defunct)
  • Galaxie Pro Xtreme Wrestling - Augusta/Swainsboro (Defunct)
  • Intense Wrestling Entertainment - North Augusta, SC (Defunct)
  • Livewire Wrestling - Augusta (Active)
  • ShockValue Wrestling - Augusta (Defunct)
  • Extreme Wrestling Alliance - Augusta (Defunct)
  • Flatline Pro Wrestling - Grovetown (Defunct)
  • APEX Wrestling - Augusta (Defunct)
  • Pro Wrestling BUSHIDO - Grovetown/Thomson (Active)
  • United Championship Wrestling - Grovetown (Active)
  • Viral Pro Wrestling - Thomson (Active)

Records kept from 2006 to present day.


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