The August 9, 1998 Edition of Heat is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE, which took place at the San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, California. It was taped on July 28, 1998.



Mankind challenges The Undertaker

Kane, Mankind, & Paul Bearer head to the ring. Mankind talked about how the Undertaker tried to kill him in their Hell in the Cell match at King of the Ring. About how Jim Ross said that he deserved a standing ovation for his efforts, but only a small fraction of the crowd cheered. Mankind vowed to never wrestle for the acceptance of the fans since nobody cares whenever he puts his health on the line. He challenged the Undertaker to a match tonight and let Kane & Paul Bearer know that he will destroy the Undertaker and doesn't care that they are family.

Mark Henry defeated Vader in a squash match. Henry was disqualified for excessive violence as he repeatedly splashed Vader without going for a pin. Henry also bled hardway from a split lip.

Michael Cole is camped outside the Undertaker's dressing room as he waits for a response to Mankind's challenge.


Southern Justice leave their calling card

Tennessee Lee introduces Southern Justice to the WWF. Jim Ross mentions that they are a repackaged version of the Godwinns. Mark Canterbury & Dennis Knight dominate the Headbangers the match until Jeff Jarrett attacked Darren Drozdov outside, then attacked the Headbangers inside the ring. Droz jumped in the ring and jumped the fight. The ref rules the match a double disqualification.

An Insane Clown Posse rap video about the Oddities played.

X-Pac defeated Taka Michinoku in a non-title match (Michinoku held the WWF Light Heavyweight Championship at the time). After the match ended the members of Kai En Tai entered the ring and attacked X-Pac. D-Generation X ran to the ring and saved X-Pac. This was significant as Chyna had decked X-Pac on the previous episode of RAW and they were questions as to whether or not D-X had split. D-X then mooned the audience.

Michael Cole reported that no cameras are allowed in the Undertaker's lockerroom.


Bradshaw is now a singles wrestler

Bradshaw, who is embarking on a solo run since turning on Terry Funk at Fully Loaded, defeated a praying Dustin Runnels.

In an episode of Droz's World. Droz talks about his tattoos. He doesn't care what people think about them.

Darren Drozdov faced Jeff Jarrett in a singles match as a result of their altercation earlier during the Headbangers/Southern Justice match. During the match Southern Justice came to the ring to distract Droz, but they were countered by the Headbangers coming to Droz's corner. Tennessee Lee tried to help Jarrett by throwing in his cowboy boot, but Droz got hold of it and used it to get the win.

Surprise ending

The Undertaker reveals himself

After the match, Jarrett confronts Tennessee Lee. Lee tries to put his dukes up, but Southern Justice attack him from behind and stomp him down. Jarrett and Southern Justice leave together.

Triple H (w/ Chyna) hyped his appearance on USA network's Pacific Blue.

Mankind was set to face the Undertaker, but "Kane" attacks him and Paul Bearer. After planting Mankind with a Tombstone outside the ring, "Kane" enters the ring and unmasks to reveal that he is really the Undertaker.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.


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