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{{Infobox Wrestling episode
{{Infobox Wrestling episode
| name = WCW Saturday Night
| name = WCW Saturday Night
| image = [[Image:WCW Saturday Night Logo.jpg|200px]]
| image = [[File:WCW Saturday Night Logo.jpg|200px]]
| promotion = [[WCW]]
| promotion = [[WCW]]
| date = August 5, [[1989]]
| date = August 5, [[1989]]
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Sid Vicious & Dan Spivey (w/ Teddy Long) defeated Bob Emery & George South at 1:55 when Spivey pinned Emery with his knee on his chest following the powerbomb; during the bout, Long briefly joined the commentary team and mentioned Vicious & Spivey would be at the Omni the following day
*[[Sid Vicious]] & [[Dan Spivey]] (w/ [[Teddy Long]]) defeated [[Bob Emery]] & [[George South]] (1:55)
Tommy Rich pinned Trent Knight with the Thesz Press at 5:46; during the bout, it was announced Rich was in training to meet NWA US Champion Lex Luger and that Luger would face Rick Steiner the following day at the Omni
*[[Tommy Rich]] defeated [[Trent Knight]] (5:46)
The Road Warriors (w/ Paul Ellering) defeated John Brewer & Fred Avery at the 56-second mark when Road Warrior Hawk pinned Brewer following the Doomsday Device
*[[The Road Warriors]] (w/ [[Paul Ellering]]) defeated [[John Brewer]] & [[Fred Avery]] (0:56)
Sting & Eddie Gilbert (w/ Missy Hyatt) defeated Jack Victory & Rip Morgan via disqualification at 7:29 when Terry Funk and the Great Muta attacked Sting had Victory in the Scorpion Deathlock; during the bout, it was announced that immediately after the following week's show a special airing of The Power Hour would feature Road Warrior Hawk vs. Samu and Gilbert vs. the Great Muta; after the match, Funk hit Gilbert with the branding iron with Sting then fighting off Muta and Funk until Funk hit Sting with his cowboy boot; moments later, NWA World Champion Ric Flair made the save; Flair fought off both Funk and Muta until he too was beaten down, with Sting then using Funk's boot to clear the ring; after the commercial break, Ross conducted an interview with Flair, Sting, and Gilbert in which Sting and Gilbert praised Flair - despite his past actions - with Flair then cutting a promo on facing Funk the following night at the Omni and the Wargames match that would headline the card
*[[Sting]] & [[Eddie Gilbert]] (w/ [[Missy Hyatt]]) defeated [[Jack Victory]] & [[Rip Morgan]] by disqualification (7:29)
==External links==
==External links==

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The August 5, 1989 Edition of WCW Saturday Night is a Professional wrestling television show of the WCW's Saturday Night brand, which took place at the Center Stage Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia.


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