The August 22, 1999 Edition of Heat is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE, which took place in Stamford, Connecticut. It was taped on August 22, 1999.


The show served as a hype show for the upcoming Summerslam PPV. This time was no ordinary edition, as in previous weeks, but there were only highlight packages on current feuds and exclusive interviews. - video on the current situation of the situation around Jeff Jarrett and Debra and the WWF Intercontinental Title vs.. WWF European Title match with D'Lo Brown - Hype video for the WWF Tag Team Titles match between X-Pac & Kane and the Unholy Alliance - Highlights from the career of Jesse Ventura - Kevin Kelly interviewed Mankind - Shane McMahon 's appearance in " WWF Livewire "from the Saturday, by the stipulation of his matches against test changes to a Greenwich Street Fight - Test vs. Shane McMahon feud is illuminated - test will be interviewed by Kevin Kelly before it is crushed by Shane McMahon with a kendo stick - Michael Cole interviewed Mr. Ass - highlights from the feud between The Rock and Mr. Ass to be shown in a video Hype - The Rock is interviewed by Michael Cole - highlights from the previous weeks to 3-Way Match for the WWF title to be shown before Steve Austin Kevin Kelly is interviewed Kevin Kelly and Michael Cole face the Lions Den and just discuss the matches by as Triple H 's music starts and these with Chyna marches to the ring. He says that this was before Sunday Night Heat Off-Air is his night.

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