The August 2, 1998 Edition of Sunday Night Heat was a televised Professional wrestling event by the WWF, which took place at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim, California. It was taped on July 27, 1998.


Vince McMahon
Vince McMahon exits first to introduce the host and star of WWF Heat: his son Shane McMahon. Shane comes down to ringside with a couple of female valets and joins Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler on commentary.

The first-ever match on Heat is Edge versus Jeff Jarrett. Edge gets the pinfall victory thanks to Jarrett's manager Tennessee Lee. Jarrett signaled to Lee to trip Edge, but Edge reversed an Irish whip and Lee accidentally tripped Jarrett instead. Jeff Jarrett is angry while Lee apologizes.

The camera catches Amy Hunter-Cornelius and Mario Lopez at ringside promoting Pacific Blue television series on USA Network.

Jerry Lawler enters the ring to interview D-Generation X (Chyna, Triple H, & X-Pac).
Random Fan showing off for DX

Courtesy of D-X

He asks about the upcoming match that Vince McMahon sanctioned between Triple H and X-Pac on the next episode of Raw. X-Pac answers that they are professionals and will shake hands afterwards. Triple H laughs at Vince McMahon's attempts to break-up the group. He states that they are the most titillating group in wrestling. He proves this by getting several female audience members to show their breasts.

A segment of Droz' World, a parody of MTV's The Real World, shows Droz explaining how he puked on Mark Henry during his training. Tom Prichard explains that it was disgusting and chunky.

Mr. Yamaguchi distraught

Mr. Yamaguchi is distraught

The team of Darren Drozdov and the Headbangers (united by their common home state of New Jersey) defeated the Japanese stable Kai En Tai. Before and during the match Val Venis and Mrs. Yamaguchi showed up on the ramp together to distract Kai En Tai's manager Mr. Yamaguchi.

Afterwards, Val Venis hits on Amy Hunter-Cornelius and pushes Mario Lopez away. Lopez jumps the guardrail and takes down Venis with an impressive double-leg takedown.

D-Lo Brown succeeded in retaining the WWF European Championship in his first defense against Ken Shamrock. During the match Mark Henry attacked Shamrock outside the ring. This prompted Steve Blackman & Dan Severn to show up in Shamrock's corner. Brown got the win over Shamrock after provoking Severn into attacking him during the match, earning Shamrock a disqualification.

Steve Blackman tries to calm Shamrock down after the match, but Shamrock throws chairs and ring steps around in anger.

Pacific Blue star Shanna Moaker talks with "Lefty" Bart Gunn backstage about his brawl-for-all win over Dr. Death.

In the Main Event, Owen Hart & The Rock, representing The Nation, defeated Kane & Mankind by countout after Owen Hart jumped back in the ring at the last moment to avoid a double countout. With this victory, Owen Hart & The Rock become the #1 contenders for the WWF Tag Team Championship.

Steve Austin slumming it on Heat

Austin looks thrilled to be there

Michael Cole interviews Steve Austin backstage and asked what his relationship was with his fellow co-WWF Tag Team Champion the Undertaker. Austin says that they are just a team and he'll kick anyone's ass he feels like.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.


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