The August 16, 2013 Edition of Smackdown is a Professional wrestling television show of the WWE's Smackdown brand, which took place on August 13, 2013 at the SAP Center in San Jose, California.


What started as a furious No Disqualification Rematch between Daniel Bryan and Wade Barrett on the final stop before SummerSlam quickly escalated into a game of "replace the referee." Meanwhile, Kane went to war with The Wyatt Family and The Shield was forced to deal with one of their biggest collective threats to date.

Flanked by his followers, the creepy Bray Wyatt opened SmackDown, proclaiming that this Sunday in the City of Angels, he would personally show Kane why “one man’s hell is another man’s paradise.”

Despite his chilling words, however, The Devil's Favorite Demon chose to strike, systematically taking out Erick Rowan and Luke Harper, before focusing his attack on Wyatt himself. But, the numbers game would soon rise up against him, as The Big Red Monster was ultimately left on the canvas by his SummerSlam Ring of Fire adversary. “Follow the Buzzards!”

Set to battle his former best friend, Cody Rhodes, at SummerSlam, Mr. Money in the Bank Damien Sandow went head-to-head with the No. 1 contender to World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio, Christian. And seconds after rolling out of the way of the Cubito Aequet, Captain Charisma caught his “enlightened” opponent off guard and picked up the quick pinfall.

When The Intellectual Savior of the Masses returned for more, Christian blasted him with an earth-shattering Spear. But before he could celebrate, Alberto Del Rio viciously attacked his SummerSlam challenger from out of nowhere.

After informing his prey that he would never be World Champion again, the determined titleholder looked to take him out with the Cross Armbreaker. But, before he could, Christian reversed it out of nowhere and hit the Killswitch on the unsuspecting Mexican champion.

With the referee busy trying to clear the ring of chaos, the mischievous Layla was able to kick Kaitlyn from behind, paving the way for Divas Champion AJ Lee to hit the Shinning Wizard on the “Hybrid Diva” and steal the victory.

What will happen when AJ & Big E Langston take on Kaitlyn & Dolph Ziggler this Sunday at SummerSlam?

As Renee Young attempted to interview The Human Wrecking Ball, the short-fused Superstar suddenly exploded on another terrified stagehand.

Four days after Big Show's return on Raw helped neutralize The Shield, The World's Largest Athlete teamed with Mark Henry & RVD to battle The Hounds of Justice in Six-Man Tag Team Action.

Seconds after Henry launched Roman Reigns over the announce table like a ragdoll, The World's Strongest Man was taken down by the jaw-dropping aerial assault of Seth Rollins. Meanwhile, inside the ring, Big Show delivered the KO Punch to Dean Ambrose, setting up RVD to hit the Five-Star Frog Splash to pin the United States Champion.

Will he do it again this Sunday to capture the title in the SummerSlam Kickoff? With Henry and Show watching his back, anything is possible.

Prior to Jack Swagger's showdown with SummerSlam Host The Miz, Zeb Colter offered equal-opportunity insults to The Awesome One, the people of San Jose and the people of Los Angeles – the city that will house The Biggest Party of the Summer this Sunday.

But, once the bell rang, it was Miz that would ultimately make the statement. When Antonio Cesaro caused a blatant distraction in the height of the action, the referee opted to send both him and Colter packing. Never one to miss an opportunity, The Miz used the commotion that followed to grab the quick pin on one-half of The Real Americans.

After Curtis Axel overcame Zack Ryder with his painful swinging neckbreaker, Paul Heyman addressed CM Punk's assault on Axel and The Straight Edge Superstar's SummerSlam opponent, Brock Lesnar.

While Heyman admitted that The Second City Saint outsmarted him Monday night, he also claimed that Punk's actions served to transform The Straight Edge Superstar from a man in search of revenge to the target of revenge. See if he's right when “The Best” battles “The Beast” this Sunday!

After a fast-count by Special Guest Referee Brad Maddox cost Daniel Bryan his match against Wade Barrett on Raw, a No Disqualification rematch was scheduled for SmackDown – with a very interested Mr. McMahon watching in the wings.

When Bryan cinched in the “Yes!” Lock, the WWE Chairman suddenly took the referee out of the equation, effectively stopping the contest from ending. Barrett soon regrouped and hit the Bull Hammer Elbow, prompting the head of WWE to wave in Maddox as replacement ref. The Raw General Manager subsequently refused to hit the three-count for a Bryan win and then was accidently blasted by Barrett's Kendo Stick.

Then, before Mr. McMahon could assume referee duties himself, WWE COO Triple H – who will be the Special Guest Referee in the WWE Title Match this Sunday – emerged to take the reins and made the three-count that finally gave Bryan his victory.

As the furious Chairman stormed away and Bryan and The Game celebrated, Mr. Money in the Bank, Randy Orton, emerged on the platform – a serpentine reminder that his Money in the Bank contract could greatly affect the future of the WWE Championship this Sunday at SummerSlam.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.

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Kane engaged The Wyatt Family

Christian v Damien Sandow

AJ Lee & Layla v Kaitlyn & Natalya

Van Dam, Big Show, & Mark Henry v The Shield

The Miz v Jack Swagger

Curtis Axel v Zack Ryder

Daniel Bryan v Wade Barrett

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