Champion history

Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Location: Notes: Defences:
Dircor 1 May 16, 1998 Weinheim, Germany Defeated Head Hunter for the vacant championship at the inaugural ACW Event 0
Lumberjack 1 December 13, 1998 Weinheim, Germany Won at ACW Wild Christmas 1998 1
The Business Man 1 July 31, 1999 Mothern, France Won in a Casket match at ACW Tour De France 1999 3
Dircor 2 December 11, 1999 Weinheim, Germany Won at ACW Wild Christmas 1999 1
Dircor vacated in April 2000 due to a kayfabe contract breach.
Argjend Qufaj 1 July 9, 2000 Weinheim, Germany Won the vacant title in a tournament final against Dircor at ACW Doomsday II - Night 2 1
Karsten Kretschmer 1 December 16, 2000 Weinheim, Germany Won at ACW Wild Christmas 2000 3
Big Tiger Steele 1 December 15, 2001 Weinheim, Germany Won in a match with special referee Ulf Herman at ACW Wild Christmas 2001 1
Eric Schwarz 1 September 28, 2002 Weinheim, Germany Won a Barrier match at ACW War Of The Champions 2002 5
The title was retired after Eric Schwarz defeated Michael Kovac to unify the ACW Heavyweight Championship with the GWF Heavyweight Championship to created the ACW World Wrestling Championship
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