Athletik Club Wrestling (also called Athletik Club Weinheim) is an German-based wrestling promotion that was founded in 1998. It is based out of Weinheim, Germany.

ACW is a sub-division of the Athletik Club Weinheim, a general athletic club and a training school. They are one of the oldest wrestling promotions in Germany, rarely venturing far from their home territory. They heyday was in 2002-2003 where they attracted international stars at almost every show. Currently they consistently run about 7-9 events per year and they generally feature students and trainers with a few outside stars mixed in.

The current head trainer of their wrestling school is Boombastic.

In the past, it has been booked by Argjend Qufaj, Dirk Hadameck, Rene Binder, and Toby Nathland.


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