This is a list of the Asistencia Asesoría y Administración roster, organized by role within the promotion. The alias (ring name) of the employee is written on the left, while the employee's real name is on the right. If a wrestler is inactive for any reason (due to injury, suspension, not wrestling for 30 days or other), that information is noted in the notes section. Other wrestlers have made guest appearances, especially North American wrestlers who have made special guest appearances, but unless they work a series of shows for AAA they will not be listed as part of the general roster.

Male wrestlers

Ring name  
Aero Star
Australian Suicide
Black Mamba
Carta Brava Jr.
El Elegido
El Hijo del Vikingo
El Texano Jr.
Joe Líder
Laredo Kid
Monster Clown
Murder Clown
Myzteziz Jr.
Pimpinela Escarlata
Psycho Clown
Rey Escorpión
Súper Fly
Tito Santana (AAA)

Female wrestlers

Ring name  
Faby Apache
La Hiedra
Lady Shani
Big Mama
Mari Apache

Mini wrestlers

Ring name  
Mini Abismo Negro
Mini Psycho Clown

Other on-air talent

Ring name Real name Role
Arturo Rivera Arturo Rivera Play-by-play commentator
Bere Unknown Dancer
Copetes Salazar Raul Salazar Referee
Daniela Unknown Dancer
Dorian Roldán Dorian Roldán
Erika Unknown Dancer
Ethel Unknown Dancer
El Hijo del Tirantes Fernando Landa Referee
Jesús Zúñiga Jesús Zúñiga Color commentator
July Unknown Dancer
Lorena Unknown Dancer
El Piero Unknown Referee
Setsuko Unknown Dancer
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