The wrestler grabs a hold of one of the opponent's wrists, and twists that arm. The wrestler then climbs up the corner turnbuckles and walks on the top rope, before jumping down and clubbing the opponent on their chest or back of their neck. This attack is widely known in America as Old School, a name used by The Undertaker.

Other users have been known to add something extra to the move. Jinsei Shinzaki uses a variation of that sees him grab his opponent while he's on the ring apron, and his opponent is in the ring. He then leaps up to the top rope, using the opponent's wrist as a steady, and does a praying walk on the top rope, round the turnbuckle, and jumps down, chopping his opponent. Sonjay Dutt also has a variation, during which he makes a "sprinkler" dance motion while on the ropes before dropping down onto his opponent.

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