Argentine backbreaker rack is a type of Backbreaker.


This backbreaker submission, better known as a Torture rack, sees the attacking wrestler place his/her opponent face-up across the wrestler's own shoulders before hooking the head with one hand and a leg with the other to then pull down on both ends to flex the opponent's back. This move is closely associated with American wrestlers Lex Luger and Hercules Hernandez.

The Argentine backbreaker drop variation of this submission move sees the attacking wrestler first hold an opponent up for the Argentine backbreaker rack before dropping to the mat in a sitting/kneeling position, thus flexing the opponent's back with the impact of the drop. The seated variation of this move, known as the Shock Treatment, is used by Abyss as one of his finishers,and WWE Diva Victoria debuted it in the WWE as A-rack-naphobia.

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