The April 7, 1997 Edition of WCW Monday Nitro was held in the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama.


Numbers in parentheses indicate the length of the match.
(c) refers to the champion(s) heading into the match.

Other Segments

  • Included an opening segment showing the closing moments of Spring Stampede in which Randy Savage knocked Eric Bischoff to the mat, with the rest of the nWo coming out to calm down Savage
  • Featured footage from the "Double Team" premiere in Chicago, with a nWo promo by WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman.
  • Included an in-ring segment with the nWo - a group led by Hogan and a group led by Kevin Nash - in which Hogan and Nash teased a fight but eventually made up, however Randy Savage was still angry at Eric Bischoff; after Hogan intervened, Savage told Bischoff he was on probation with both Ted Turner and Savage and Savage himself was on probation with Bischoff - with Bischoff agreeing
  • Featured Gene Okerlund conducting an in-ring interview with Ric Flair in which Flair brought out Roddy Piper and later Kevin Greene and challenged the nWo; included a closing in-ring promo by DDP, with an ice pack on his shoulder, in which he called himself an anomaly - something that wasn't supposed to happen - and then challenged Savage to face him then and there; Savage then came out on his crutches, with Hogan stepping in-between and saying he would take down DDP for Savage; moments later, Sting dropped from the rafters into the aisle, blocking Hogan, Savage, and the rest of the nWo to DDP, throwing a baseball bat to Page, and then staring down the nWo alongside Page to close the show


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