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The April 15, 1989 Edition of WCW Saturday Night is a Professional wrestling television show of the WCW's Saturday Night brand, which took place on April 10, 1989 at the Center Stage Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia.


Dick Murdoch (sub. for an unknown) & Bucky Seigler defeated Butch Reed & Bob Orton Jr. (w/ Gary Hart) via disqualification at 4:53 when referee Tommy Young stopped the match when Reed & Orton illegally double teamed Murdoch; prior to the bout, Hart & Orton challenged Dick Murdoch - who was at ringside - to face Orton, with Murdoch taking out his false teeth and filling in for Seigler's partner; after the bout, Reed threw Young to the floor The Great Muta (w/ Gary Hart) pinned Greg Evans with the moonsault at the 57-second mark Jack Victory (w/ Paul E. Dangerously) pinned Randy Rose at 4:54 after hitting him with Dangerously's phone in plain view of referee Teddy Long after Long took away Dangerously's first phone after Rose stole it away and tried to use it on Victory; during the bout, it was noted Long would no longer referee championship bouts due to the controversial match between the Road Warriors and Mike Rotunda & Steve Williams at the Clash of the Champions NWA US Tag Team Champion Rick Steiner (w/ Missy Hyatt) pinned the Raider with the belly to belly suplex at the 53-second mark; prior to the match, a female fan (Nancy Sullivan) in the first row hugged Steiner; after the bout, Kevin Sullivan appeared, demanded to see footage of him beating up Eddie Gilbert at the Omni, and then insulted Gilbert until Missy called him a frog and slapped him across the face, with Steiner then standing in front of Sullivan to protect Missy NWA World Champion Ricky Steamboat pinned Ron Simmons in a non-title match with a crucifix at 6:12; prior to the bout, the two men shook hands NWA US Champion Lex Luger defeated Tom Branch via submission with the Torture Rack at 1:45; after the bout, Luger confronted Michael Hayes at the commentary position, with Luger eventually challenging Hayes to fight him then and there which Hayes accepted; the two then brawled around and inside the ring to close the broadcast

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