Anthony Michaels (June 21) is an American professional wrestler, also known as Snot Dudley and Tony Carlone. He is best known for his appearances with Extreme Championship Wrestling as a member of the Dudley family in the mid-1990s.


Anthony Michaels was trained by Tim Horner at the Smoky Mountain Wrestling training camp and debuted on August 21, 1993 in Newport, Tennessee, losing to Joe Cazana. He worked for Smoky Mountain Wrestling and other independent promotions including the United States Wrestling Association until 1995. Michaels then began working for Extreme Championship Wrestling as Snot Dudley, one of the original Dudley Family members, and a member of Raven's Nest.

Michaels left ECW after a Jet ski accident left him badly injured, and rehabilitated for two years (the kayfabe explanation was that a Superbomb at the hands of The Pitbulls delivered at Hardcore Heaven had smashed his pelvis). After recovering he formed a tag team with Schmuck Dudley, and in 1998 they traveled to Florida where they wrestled with the now defunct Future of Wrestling promotion under a number of names including The Dudley Boys, Wildside and Animal House.

In 2000 he had a tryout match with the World Wrestling Federation but was not hired.

In 2004, Anthony Michaels appeared with Nick Mayberry's Hardkore Championship Wrestling [HCW] in Davie, Florida - managing WCW Superstar Kid Romeo, in a loss against Don Montoya. The duo of Michaels and Romeo had a falling out at the end of the match, and almost traded blows.

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