American Wrestling Rampage is an Irish-based wrestling promotion that was founded in 2008 by Management Promotion International. In 1922, Paul Bowser took over ownership of the company. It is based out of Dublin.

Current champions

Championship Champion(s) Defeated Date Won Location
AWR Heavyweight Championship
AWR No Limits Championship

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American Wrestling Rampage Events

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European Tour Night 1European Tour Night 2European Tour Night 3European Tour Night 4European Tour Night 5European Tour Night 6European Tour Night 7European Tour Night 8European Tour Night 9Summer Bash Tour Night 1Summer Bash Tour Night 2Summer Bash Tour Night 3Summer Bash Tour Night 4European Invasion Night 1European Invasion Night 2European Invasion Night 3European Invasion Night 4European Invasion Night 5European Invasion Night 6European Invasion Night 7European Invasion Night 8European Invasion Night 9European Invasion Night 10European Invasion Night 11European Invasion Night 12European Invasion Night 13


Twisted Steel Tour Night 1Twisted Steel Tour Night 2Twisted Steel Tour Night 3Twisted Steel Tour Night 4Twisted Steel Tour Night 5Twisted Steel Tour Night 6Twisted Steel Tour Night 7



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