Amazons Just Wanna Have Fun is the 27th episode of Hulk Hogan's Rock 'n' Wrestling


The men wrestlers finished up with a wrestling exhibition in South America, and Mean Gene has chartered a private plane for them to go back home to the States. However, the plane experiences engine failure and must make an emergency landing in the middle of the Amazon jungle. While the pilots and stewardess search for signs of civilization in order to signal for help, the men wrestlers agree to stay in one place and look after the plane in case they are found. Immediately after the crew leaves some shadowy figures appear and sprinkle sleeping powder on the wrestlers. The wrestlers awaken in an Amazon village, to be greeted by leotarded women who are much akin to the wrestlers. They identify themselves as Amazons, and when they learn the wrestlers mean no harm, they apologize for capturing them. Through getting to know the men, they said the reason for not trusting them in the beginning was that they are defending their village against plunderers. The plunderers soon show up, attempting to steal a pair of rubies which are affixed to a serpent statue. The thieves steal the rubies, which the Amazons warn will cause the serpent to breathe fire. This does so, and destroys their village. The wrestlers escape with the thieves, and soon encounter native police. The plunderers are arrested and the wrestlers able to make contact with Mean Gene to return to the USA. However, when they are asked if there was anyone in the jungle, the wrestlers cannot recall any women.


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